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This is an overview of available packages by now. Take a look which plattform suites the best to you to start farming money right now.
Other features, strategies and software packages are under development.

 SPORT AgenaTraderSPORT MetaTrader with StereoTrader
notice This overview is not intended to be exhaustive. Partners are responsible for offers and prices.
description This SPORT-package comes as an addon for AgenaTrader with a lot of new features expanding the use of an open range breakout strategy.
The evolution of this famous strategy by SPORT (Simple Predefined Open Range Trading) will lift automatic trading to new levels .
Due to strict set of rules which define the perfect entry, stop and target, the user is able to trade his chosen instruments completely automatically.
More than two years of development work culminate in the current version and represent the absolute measure of the market in this strategy.

This package, available as a bundle or standalone for Stereotrader sets a new level on MetaTrader automatic trading.
This is a  milestone software to trade breakout strategies long term profitable.
The fixed setup for SPORT is an exhausting system to work with this StereoTrader Addon.
It's a highly efficient trading system following strict and straight rules.

plattform AgenaTrader MetaTrader via StereoTrader
  •  risk adjustment via intelligent risk management possible
  • additional settings to protect target points possible
  • additional entry/exit conditions possible to customize strategies
  • optional possibility to link to SPORT-optimizer
  • automatic adjustment of winter-/summertime for settings
  • only available automatic trading addon for AgenaTrader by now
  • StereoTrader allows you to trade different strategies parallel in same instrument
  • additional grades to modify trailing and stop behavoir
  • filter range parameters on the fly and adjust them by using a estimator (backtesting realtime)
system requirements This addon was developed for the use under the fabulous AgenaTrader.
You need at least the Andromeda Version to work with.

This SPORT-package is an addon for  MetaTrader and does need StereoTrader additionally.
It's available as a bundle or standalone. 

development partner   Dirk Hilger
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 SPORT-Addon with StereoTrader

SPORT&StereoTrader bundle

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